My most important role in life is that of being a great Dad to a wonderful son. I am able to express my creativity by being a Designer of Sunglasses and other Eyewear. I opened Salt Lamp Creations because I think that Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are beautiful!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Sphere Salt Lamp


The Salt Lamp Creations Sphere shaped Natural Crystal Salt Lamp takes 2 days to carve and polish. Only the most skilled artisans can make such a beautiful and impressive looking lamp from the rough hewn salt that is brought out from the mines.

The Himalayan Salt Crystal used to create each one is over 100 million years old and is a unique piece of Natural Art.

This "sculpture" will captivate you with it's beauty, whether illuminated or not.

Naturally, colors and sizes will vary, no two can ever be exactly alike. Each comes complete with a Rosewood base, a 6' Cord, EZ-Change Light Assembly and replaceable bulb.


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