My most important role in life is that of being a great Dad to a wonderful son. I am able to express my creativity by being a Designer of Sunglasses and other Eyewear. I opened Salt Lamp Creations because I think that Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are beautiful!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp

When I first saw this glowing Natural Crystal Salt Lamp, a Hand Carved and smoothed Salt Crystal Bowl filled with Natural Salt Crystal nuggets, I was truly impressed.

From a rough beginning as a large specially selected boulder of Natural Salt, formed over 100 Million years ago, each bowl is hand carved, shaped and rounded. The combination of this smooth surfaced bowl, and the rough natural rocks it holds, makes it a unique study in contrast.

Each Natural Bowl Of Fire Salt Lamp takes as long as 3 days to complete. Only the best craftsmen found at the foothills of the Himalayas are gifted enough to create them.

When illuminated, the light in the bowl casts a colorful splash of luminescence through the stones and makes an impressive statement anywhere in your home or office.

No two Salt Lamps will ever be alike...Naturally!

Complete with a beautiful Rosewood base, a 6' Cord, EZ-Change Light Assembly and replaceable bulb.


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