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Friday, December 01, 2006

Natural Salt Skin Care Bars

As a result of a growing business our warehouse has been receiving large shipments of Salt Lamps, Salt Tea Lights and other Natural Salt products from the Himalayas. One of our assistants notes that some troubling skin issues he had experienced for many years seemed to have vanished.

We did a little research and found out that for centuries, Natural Salts have been used as a cure for Psoriasis, Eczema, Warts and other skin inflictions. So, we asked our production facility to make us these Salt Bars, smoothed for your comfort.

Slightly moistened, Natural Salt Crystals in Bath Bar form, offer you an easy way to get your hands on these time honored curative Salts and put them to the test.

We've been told they also make great Natural Deodorant Sticks when applied dry.

Keep one in your Kitchen, one in your Bathroom and one in your First Aid Kit and experience what others have long known: Salt Cures... Naturally!

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