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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Salt Lamp Update

What an interesting year this is turning out to be in the Salt Lamp world.

I can still ask 10 people on the street what a Salt Lamp is and get at least 9 who have no idea.
It is amazing, considering there are millions of links online that lead to Salt Lamp domains, Salt Lamp Information and Salt Lamp blogs like this one, yet so few know what they are.

A Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is one of the most beautiful expressions of Mother Nature's handiwork. Hand mined from caves deep below the surface of the Himalayan mountains, this Salt is over 150 million years old and was "created" as a result of the colloision of the continents, as the Earth went through some big land mass changes.

Today, the Salt Crystal is removed from the mines and formed by hand chipping into Natural shapes or machine carved into Geometrical shapes. The Salt is then drilled to accomodate a lighting assembly so that they produce a warm glow when illuminated with a simple small candelabra bulb. The Crystal Salt is now a Salt Lamp.

In an attempt to sell more Salt Lamps, many companies are relying on the desire of Americans to find wholistic cures for things that ail them. We receive dozens of phone calls and email inquiries to ask us if our Salt Lamps work like the others they have seen advertised. They ask us if it is true that a Salt Lamp can purify the air and rid it of all harmful allergens and produce miraculous cures for diseases ranging from Asthma to Allergies.

All Salt Lamps basically come the same region and thus are "created equal" however....not all Salt Lamp companies are created equal.

Since we ( are not Doctors, and do not want to run up against the FDA, who eventually get involved in reviewing any product that makes medical claims. Without having spent $ millions on studies that can provide proof of their claims, Salt Lamp companies are freely dispensing stories about the healing power of Salt Lamps.

Just yesterday I received a notification of a class action suit against Sharper Image for claims they made about their now famous Ionic Breeze machines. Though Sharper Image appears to deny it, the case against them was brought by people who relied on the company's claims and had adverse effects when using the product. The suit claims that the Ionic Breeze emits harmful Ozones.

We also receive letters (testimonials) from customers who have had positive experience from their Salt Lamps and we are pleased that they have derived a benefit. But we hold true to our main belief: Salt Lamps are beautiful and as every Salt Lamp is, by Nature, unique, they make a special addition to anyone's home or office.

Let me know what you think!

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Blogger Dr. Rick said...

Himalayan Salt Lamps
Himalayan Salt Lamps

Are natural negative ion generators, for example many people seek out the salt water environment of the oceans. Subconsciously our bodies know that we feel better at the beach. It is really obvious when we step back and look at the big picture, people pay a premium to live near the water/ocean we all tend to go on tropical vacations etc. I began to ponder that question and did some research on the subject!

Salt water releases negative ion's into the air, negative ions promote deep relaxation, calm and tranquility. So I started thinking about the way I feel at the beach and came up with this scenario of mine. I generally head to the beach to relax, read and decompress for the day when I go. Looking at that even more closely I realized that the same scenario plays out almost every time. I visit the beach, get comfortable, relax and begin to read.... fast forward to the end of the day... sun starts to go down I begin to think about going home etc. I look down and I have read about 3 pages of this book I told myself I would really get into during my day.

Why is it that we go to the beach and we don't feel the daily pressures, why is it we can feel so in the moment at the oceans edge at peace with our own need to achieve?

Well I am hear to tell you, negative ions are natures super powerful anti stress agents.

Then I began to think how could I get this benefit, negative ions, in my home and even at work. Well come to find out one can find negative ion generators in the form of Himalayan salt lamps.
Salt Lamps absorb moisture naturally and when the lights are turned on the heat generated from the light bulbs creates an evaporative process. Which same as the ocean as water evaporates through salt membranes it naturally releases negative ion's. And those ion's promote a healthy feeling of being in the moment... scientifically called an Alpha State!

Well I had to find some of these great products and being in Santa Monica Ca. by the ocean I needed to capture this feeling in my own home. I found a few and bought them quickly. I know have them near my computer, to combat the damaging radiation of the computers electormagnetic emissions and all around my house, including the bedrooms and kitchens.

I got mine from,
Spiritual Quest

in addition they answered all my questions as well


10:41 PM  
Blogger Salty said...

Just a note on the comment left by Dr. Rick

We caution people to take with "a grain of Salt" any comments left by people who may be posing as Doctors. Rick is a seller of Salt Lamps, and while appearing to be someone who has discovered the power of the Lamps, has indeed been a Salt Lamp seller for a couple of years.

In leaving his comment (which is more an ad for his company) he appears to be doing just what this blog was written about... Adding to the hype of advocating Salt Lamps for Health purposes.

There are more scientists that would tell this "Dr Rick" that the rhythmic sounds of the waves and the semi-prone position he reads in and a lack of focus (maybe a bit too much Girl Watching) and personal motivation contribute more to his only have read 3 pages of a book in a day, than the Negative Ions released from Salt Water.

I myself can read an entire novel at the Beach, as the phone is not ringing and the air is fresh and the Sun is warm.

And, in my other Blog ...Shame On Them... "Dr." Rick should have identified himself as someone with a personal stake (owner) of Spiritual Quest.

As I have discussed, in order to generate enough Negative Ions to "cleanse" your personal environment you would need to have one Salt Lamp for nearly every 10 square feet of your room.

Indeed, Salt Lamps are Hygroscopic, and do absorb moisture from the air... but... "real" scientists have yet to prove that thie small amount of surface space on a typical Salt Lamp is significant enough to change your life.

When they proove Cause and Effect, the real Doctors will be all over it and Salt aLamps won't be the obscure objet d'art they still are.

Why can't we all just learn to love these Lamps for the beautiful things they are. An expression of 150-250 Million years of Nature's handicraft!

Salt Lamp Creations (www.SaltLampCreations) which I have identified as my company, offers the highest quality Salt Lamps from an asthetic point of view. As differentiated from the Salt Lamps offered by many sellers, ours are custom built and quality controlled, have upgraded bases, stainless steel components (as Salt does rust base metals) and are all packaged in beautiful giftable boxes.

And every Salt Lamp or Natural Salt Tea Light we offer comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. The only things we don't guarantee are the claims of those who disguise their motives.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Liane Schmidt said...

Great post! I want to eventually purchase more for my home because of their great benefits.

Best wishes.


-Liane Schmidt.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Salty said...


I am so glad you like your Salt Lamp.

Whether you like them becasue they are beautiful, or in your case for the health benefits, a Natural Crystal Salt Lamp is a great addition to your home or office.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Mac2.o said...

Read several blogs and articles that said the salt-lamp claims are bunk (after my wife purchased one). However, in use, this is what we found. Our two French bull dogs "live" in our family room, which develops odor-de-dog. Put the salt lamp in there at half-dim, and in half-a-day, odor is gone. Turn lamp off, odor slowly returns. Lamp on again and in a few hours - no odor, so it's doing somethng.

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I now have one in each of my rooms in my home. I noticed a huge difference in my hacking & coughing in the a.m. I felt such a relief from the old build up in my chest at night. I believe they have really improved my life-I purchased one for a friend who has COPD and she now swears by them-Give it a try-I will never be without one.

7:25 AM  

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