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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Isn't Someone Monitoring The Claims About Salt Lamps?

For 6 Years I have been working with Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals and Natural Salt Lamps.

By reading my posts you can see that I am an ardent believer in not making unsubstantiated (some might go so far as to say downright false) claims about the Healing Power of Salt Lamps.

At the start of June, I received an inquiry from a potential customer who contacted Salt Lamp Creations through the Info address posted on my site at

I gave her a call, we exchanged pleasantries, she told me I had a nice looking website...
and then the drama began.

She asked me if Salt Lamp Creations Salt Lamps worked the same way as a company in Canada's lamps did.

As nearly all lamps start off as large chunks of Crystal Salt purchased from a small group of mines in the Himalayas, I assured her that they were similar and began pointing out the extra measure of quality worksmanship that goes into our collection.

She said she could see the nicer bases we used and liked our professional packaging. But she said she really wanted to know about their healing powers.

When I asked her what she meant, she read me what seemed like 2 pages of "documentation" purportedly in support of the many curative powers of the Natural Salt Lamp. The list was exhaustive and each time I thought she was done reading me the ailments that Salt Lamps could "cure", she went on with more.

When she finally finished, all I could say was WOW!
After hearing the list of maladies these lamps could cure, I almost cried.

Here we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars in the USA and abroad trying to eradicate illness and to reduce airborne pollutants when we could instead, based on the "empirical" eveidence supplied to this potential customer, pass out a Salt Lamp to everyone and all the illnesses would vanish, everyone's skin would be soft and supple, all the skies would be blue and global warming would be reversed.

We decided long ago, that since were not Doctors, and the FDA frowns on misleading Health claims, we would sell our lamps on their aesthetic beauty and on the fast that this is Nature's handiwork that could date back as far as the beginning of time.

But... If you buy all those claims about Salt Lamps...I've got some swamp land in Florida...

However, if you want beautuful quality Salt Lamps that make the most unique gifts check us out! If you experience a miraculous cure, let us know and we will add you to the list of testimonials we have received. As we say...the lamps are beautiful...any other benefits you get from them are certainly a plus.


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