My most important role in life is that of being a great Dad to a wonderful son. I am able to express my creativity by being a Designer of Sunglasses and other Eyewear. I opened Salt Lamp Creations because I think that Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are beautiful!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Salt Lamps are Calming

It has been a while since I wrote a Salt Lamp blog.

Seems I get so busy with day to day life and my family that I forget to keep up on posting.

Salt Lamp sellers are still at it, promoting these works of Mother Nature's handicraft as a "cure for all that ails you", yet if I ask 100 people I still think over 90% of them have no idea of what a Salt Lamp is.

I think that is because they are mostly sold as a wholistic healing crystals rather than as a beautiful decorative item for the home.

There is nothing more beautiful than a Sphere shaped Salt Lamp as a child's nightlight... yet most purveyors of Salt Lamps sell them as Negative Ion Generators. Sounds way more spooky than the soothing and calming thing it truly is.

It has been my goal since setting up Salt Lamp Creations ( to offer these Salt lamps and Natural Salt Tea Lights as works of art... not medical devices.

Salt Lamp Creations Natural Salt Lamps make Unique gifts.. no two can ever be the same.

Using Natural Salt from the foothills of the Himalayans, that began forming over 250 million years ago when the continental shelves collided and formed the beautiful mountain range, we have been able to provide a Lamp that is beautiful to look at, and soothing to be around.

When you are stressed think of the incredible pressure of Nature that created these Salt lamps and turned them into Crystals for your enjoyment and you will see your stress is minimal in comparison.

Just kidding, the calming glow of theSalt Lamp is quite relaxing and a great focal point for any room in your house.


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