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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Big A Lamp Do I Need For My Room?

It is getting stranger and stranger and as the recession deepens people are more susceptible to claims of health cures.

Now Salt Lamp companies, basing their claims on spurious reports at best, are listing the size of room that each size of Salt Lamp will "protect". This is quite the way to get customers to buy bigger lamps. Nothing more.

All the reports I have been able to see show that the "ionizing effect" of the Salt Lamp reaches a 4-5 feet in any direction from the well warmed lamp. Whether the ions generated are enough to make you breathe better, clear up asthma and other respiratory problems or any of the other claims I have read STILL remains to be scientifically proven.

I have to say in fairness that, if only as a result of the placebo effect, I regularly receive calls at Salt Lamp Creations ( from customers who insist they breathe easier and sleep beeter with one of our Salt lamps on their bedside.

You be the judge!


Blogger Jerry said...

I am noticing that scam bloggers have found my post a magnet for sending useless jibberish (AKA advertisements for Viagra and other unrelated junk)

So let me try and get this Salt Lamp blog back on track. I have gone through over 50 sites that purport to be presenting scientific evidence about the efficacy of Salt Lamps for curing and healing.

Let's for a moment suspend disbelief and say that Negative Ions can clear the air and reduce smoke, pollen and other airborne contaminants.

The question being posed in this blog "How Big A Salt Lamp Do I Need For My Room" has to do with the claims about how their is a set scientific ratio of how big a Salt Lamp would have to be to perform those functions in a given "area" of the room in which it is located.

I contend that the Negative Ions that can be generated by a Salt Lamp are not directly proportionate to the size of the Salt Lamp and that if a 5 Pound Salt Lamp projects Negative Ions "x" distance (lets say 3 feet, which is why we suggest placement next to the bed, the computer or the reading lamp)that it is not evidient that a 10 Pound Salt Lamp will projects its Negative Ions a distance of 2x. I will go so far as to venture a guesss that if a 5 Pound Salt Lamp has a coverage area of 3 feet, then a 10 pound lamp may project 3 feet + 3 inches and a 50 pound lamp maybe 6 feet (maybe).

So, as I have said in all my Blogs... the best reason for owning a Salt Lamp is becasue they are beautiful, they are one of a kind and they are an ancient work of Nature, estimated at 250 million years old using carbon dating.

But believe as you will!

10:13 PM  
Blogger Blue Lotus Reiki said...

I have four salt lamps in my two bedroom apartment. I bought them because they are beautiful, but I have found that the longer I have them in my home, the less morning congestion I have. (There are two pyramid lamps in my bedroom). I have a cat who has a tendency to wheeze occasionally. His wheezing has stopped. I also notice that in the area around the lamps the dust is much heavier when I dust than on other pieces of furniture. It seems that they are "attracting" more dust than other parts of my home. I dont' know if that means they are cleaning the air more, but at least in their area, things must be cleaner....I love them...and recommend having them in the home.

3:05 PM  
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