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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Salt Lamp Update

What an interesting year this is turning out to be in the Salt Lamp world.

I can still ask 10 people on the street what a Salt Lamp is and get at least 9 who have no idea.
It is amazing, considering there are millions of links online that lead to Salt Lamp domains, Salt Lamp Information and Salt Lamp blogs like this one, yet so few know what they are.

A Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is one of the most beautiful expressions of Mother Nature's handiwork. Hand mined from caves deep below the surface of the Himalayan mountains, this Salt is over 150 million years old and was "created" as a result of the colloision of the continents, as the Earth went through some big land mass changes.

Today, the Salt Crystal is removed from the mines and formed by hand chipping into Natural shapes or machine carved into Geometrical shapes. The Salt is then drilled to accomodate a lighting assembly so that they produce a warm glow when illuminated with a simple small candelabra bulb. The Crystal Salt is now a Salt Lamp.

In an attempt to sell more Salt Lamps, many companies are relying on the desire of Americans to find wholistic cures for things that ail them. We receive dozens of phone calls and email inquiries to ask us if our Salt Lamps work like the others they have seen advertised. They ask us if it is true that a Salt Lamp can purify the air and rid it of all harmful allergens and produce miraculous cures for diseases ranging from Asthma to Allergies.

All Salt Lamps basically come the same region and thus are "created equal" however....not all Salt Lamp companies are created equal.

Since we ( are not Doctors, and do not want to run up against the FDA, who eventually get involved in reviewing any product that makes medical claims. Without having spent $ millions on studies that can provide proof of their claims, Salt Lamp companies are freely dispensing stories about the healing power of Salt Lamps.

Just yesterday I received a notification of a class action suit against Sharper Image for claims they made about their now famous Ionic Breeze machines. Though Sharper Image appears to deny it, the case against them was brought by people who relied on the company's claims and had adverse effects when using the product. The suit claims that the Ionic Breeze emits harmful Ozones.

We also receive letters (testimonials) from customers who have had positive experience from their Salt Lamps and we are pleased that they have derived a benefit. But we hold true to our main belief: Salt Lamps are beautiful and as every Salt Lamp is, by Nature, unique, they make a special addition to anyone's home or office.

Let me know what you think!

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