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My most important role in life is that of being a great Dad to a wonderful son. I am able to express my creativity by being a Designer of Sunglasses and other Eyewear. I opened Salt Lamp Creations because I think that Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are beautiful!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Salt Lamps Suck The Chi Out Of Your House?

So I just read a quick article on using Crystals for Feng Shui.

The article takes a swipe at Salt Lamps saying that though they look like Crystals, they are not like them at all.
They go on to say that using them can suck the Chi Energy out of everything and everyone living in your house.

This seems to contradict everything I have read about or heard about Salt Lamps and Feng Shui.
Anyone else have an opinion on this they want to share...

assuming you haven't had your Chi already sucked out!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Big A Lamp Do I Need For My Room?

It is getting stranger and stranger and as the recession deepens people are more susceptible to claims of health cures.

Now Salt Lamp companies, basing their claims on spurious reports at best, are listing the size of room that each size of Salt Lamp will "protect". This is quite the way to get customers to buy bigger lamps. Nothing more.

All the reports I have been able to see show that the "ionizing effect" of the Salt Lamp reaches a 4-5 feet in any direction from the well warmed lamp. Whether the ions generated are enough to make you breathe better, clear up asthma and other respiratory problems or any of the other claims I have read STILL remains to be scientifically proven.

I have to say in fairness that, if only as a result of the placebo effect, I regularly receive calls at Salt Lamp Creations ( from customers who insist they breathe easier and sleep beeter with one of our Salt lamps on their bedside.

You be the judge!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Salt Lamps and Snake Oil

Posted as a direct Quote from the Los Angeles Times by where we have always promoted Salt Lamps as a thing of beauty rather than focus on their curative power. We are NOT the Canadian company quoted in the article:

Ho-Ho Hocum Gift products that Claim To Boost Health and Well-being

Salt Lamps

These functioning electric lamps enclosed in a chunk of salt have been adding their pleasant glow to health fairs and mall kiosks for years. Unlike most light fixtures, illumination isn't their main selling point. Salt lamps are touted as a natural source of "negative ions" that supposedly improve the health of anyone nearby.

Shopping over the Internet, you can quickly find salt lamps in many shapes, including pyramids, angels and, appropriately enough for the season, Christmas trees.

The claims: According to one Canadian website, the negative ions released by salt lamps will relieve stress and "clean ambient air." The cleansing power of the lamps supposedly makes them "especially helpful for relieving the symptoms of allergies and asthma." The site also claims that the lamp's soft orange color can boost mood and improve the focus of children with attention deficit disorder. Other sites claim that salt lamps can treat migraines, insomnia, depression, sinusitis and viral infections.

Bottom line: If glowing crystals fit the home d├ęcor of your friends and family, salt lamps might be a good present. But experts see two basic flaws behind the claim that users will ionize their way to good health. First, it's not possible for a chunk of salt to release a significant amount of negative ions, says Victor Stenger, a professor emeritus of physics and astronomy at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. There isn't nearly enough energy in a lamp to break up the ionic bonds between the sodium and chlorine in salt. "If that were true, we'd have chlorine gas coming out our salt shakers."

Nadeem Azeem, a partner (at the Canadian company) says he has heard such criticisms before but believes that his lamps really do produce ions. "Believe" is the key word. "We haven't done any studies," he says. "But I'm sure that meters can measure the ions."

Even if these salt blocks somehow released ions through a loophole in the laws of chemistry and physics, they couldn't deliver on their health claims, says Michael Terman, director of the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. Terman's studies have found that large doses of negatively charged oxygen ions generated by a machine can help ease depression in people with seasonal affective disorder -- a finding touted on several salt lamp sites. But there's a world of difference between oxygen streaming from a machine and chlorine supposedly trickling from a rock, he says. "I was dismayed to see my research touted by salt lamp companies. It's disgraceful." As for the claim that the color of the lamps can dramatically improve mood or treat ADHD -- "that's just nuts," Terman says.

Other studies of negative ions (from machines, not salt) have had decidedly mixed results. For example, a review published in 2003 found no evidence that negative ions can improve symptoms of asthma.

The Canadian company owner says his salt lamps can't really be compared to machine ionizers. "Salt lamps don't produce as many ions as a machine," he says. "In nature, things happen very slowly." Or, some would say, not at all.

At Salt Lamp Creations ( you can read about how Salt Lamps are made and shop for Salt Lamps as simply things of beauty crafted from 250 million year old Salt (carbon dating fact!)

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Salt Lamps are Calming

It has been a while since I wrote a Salt Lamp blog.

Seems I get so busy with day to day life and my family that I forget to keep up on posting.

Salt Lamp sellers are still at it, promoting these works of Mother Nature's handicraft as a "cure for all that ails you", yet if I ask 100 people I still think over 90% of them have no idea of what a Salt Lamp is.

I think that is because they are mostly sold as a wholistic healing crystals rather than as a beautiful decorative item for the home.

There is nothing more beautiful than a Sphere shaped Salt Lamp as a child's nightlight... yet most purveyors of Salt Lamps sell them as Negative Ion Generators. Sounds way more spooky than the soothing and calming thing it truly is.

It has been my goal since setting up Salt Lamp Creations ( to offer these Salt lamps and Natural Salt Tea Lights as works of art... not medical devices.

Salt Lamp Creations Natural Salt Lamps make Unique gifts.. no two can ever be the same.

Using Natural Salt from the foothills of the Himalayans, that began forming over 250 million years ago when the continental shelves collided and formed the beautiful mountain range, we have been able to provide a Lamp that is beautiful to look at, and soothing to be around.

When you are stressed think of the incredible pressure of Nature that created these Salt lamps and turned them into Crystals for your enjoyment and you will see your stress is minimal in comparison.

Just kidding, the calming glow of theSalt Lamp is quite relaxing and a great focal point for any room in your house.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Someone just left me an annonymous posting calling me a "scheister". I wish they had the courtesy of posting with their name and email address. If they did I would have happily replied to them directly.

They must have me confused with the majority of Salt Lamp sellers who claim that Salt Lamps can cure your ailments.

Anyone who actually reads my posts, and isn't just likely a competitor of mine who is trying to besmurch my reputation as a legitimate Salt Lamp company, knows that I claim only that Salt Lamps are beautiful and make great gifts for any occasion.

If customers find some health benefit, whether it is a result of a "placebo effect" or an actual increased sense of wellness associated with the Salt Lamp, it is not something that I do not encourage. I only share their comments on the Testimonial pages.

Now that we are rapidly approaching the Holidays, trying to come up with a unique alternative to mass produced "stuff", is difficult. Salt Lamps from offer you natural works of art, with no two ever alike. These Salt Lamps and Salt Tea Lights make giftables that you can be sure no one will ever try to return.

Imagine being able to buy a piece of pre-history, 250 million years old Salt formed at the time the Earth's continents were shifting and forming. Salt Lamps made from Salt found at the foothills of the Himalayas, in a place Alexander the Great's horses licked at the ground and led Alexander to capture and control the richest Salt mines found anywhere in the world.

So don't call me a shyster, call me a purveyor of Nature's Wonder. Salt Lamps are beautiful. Name callers are ugly. Sticks and Stones can break my bones, but words won't rub Salt into any wound. Check out Salt Lamp creations Salt Lamps and decide for yourself. Free Shipping for the Holidays and discounts ranging from 10 to 50% off when you buy more 2 or more.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Isn't Someone Monitoring The Claims About Salt Lamps?

For 6 Years I have been working with Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals and Natural Salt Lamps.

By reading my posts you can see that I am an ardent believer in not making unsubstantiated (some might go so far as to say downright false) claims about the Healing Power of Salt Lamps.

At the start of June, I received an inquiry from a potential customer who contacted Salt Lamp Creations through the Info address posted on my site at

I gave her a call, we exchanged pleasantries, she told me I had a nice looking website...
and then the drama began.

She asked me if Salt Lamp Creations Salt Lamps worked the same way as a company in Canada's lamps did.

As nearly all lamps start off as large chunks of Crystal Salt purchased from a small group of mines in the Himalayas, I assured her that they were similar and began pointing out the extra measure of quality worksmanship that goes into our collection.

She said she could see the nicer bases we used and liked our professional packaging. But she said she really wanted to know about their healing powers.

When I asked her what she meant, she read me what seemed like 2 pages of "documentation" purportedly in support of the many curative powers of the Natural Salt Lamp. The list was exhaustive and each time I thought she was done reading me the ailments that Salt Lamps could "cure", she went on with more.

When she finally finished, all I could say was WOW!
After hearing the list of maladies these lamps could cure, I almost cried.

Here we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars in the USA and abroad trying to eradicate illness and to reduce airborne pollutants when we could instead, based on the "empirical" eveidence supplied to this potential customer, pass out a Salt Lamp to everyone and all the illnesses would vanish, everyone's skin would be soft and supple, all the skies would be blue and global warming would be reversed.

We decided long ago, that since were not Doctors, and the FDA frowns on misleading Health claims, we would sell our lamps on their aesthetic beauty and on the fast that this is Nature's handiwork that could date back as far as the beginning of time.

But... If you buy all those claims about Salt Lamps...I've got some swamp land in Florida...

However, if you want beautuful quality Salt Lamps that make the most unique gifts check us out! If you experience a miraculous cure, let us know and we will add you to the list of testimonials we have received. As we say...the lamps are beautiful...any other benefits you get from them are certainly a plus.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Salt Lamp Update

What an interesting year this is turning out to be in the Salt Lamp world.

I can still ask 10 people on the street what a Salt Lamp is and get at least 9 who have no idea.
It is amazing, considering there are millions of links online that lead to Salt Lamp domains, Salt Lamp Information and Salt Lamp blogs like this one, yet so few know what they are.

A Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is one of the most beautiful expressions of Mother Nature's handiwork. Hand mined from caves deep below the surface of the Himalayan mountains, this Salt is over 150 million years old and was "created" as a result of the colloision of the continents, as the Earth went through some big land mass changes.

Today, the Salt Crystal is removed from the mines and formed by hand chipping into Natural shapes or machine carved into Geometrical shapes. The Salt is then drilled to accomodate a lighting assembly so that they produce a warm glow when illuminated with a simple small candelabra bulb. The Crystal Salt is now a Salt Lamp.

In an attempt to sell more Salt Lamps, many companies are relying on the desire of Americans to find wholistic cures for things that ail them. We receive dozens of phone calls and email inquiries to ask us if our Salt Lamps work like the others they have seen advertised. They ask us if it is true that a Salt Lamp can purify the air and rid it of all harmful allergens and produce miraculous cures for diseases ranging from Asthma to Allergies.

All Salt Lamps basically come the same region and thus are "created equal" however....not all Salt Lamp companies are created equal.

Since we ( are not Doctors, and do not want to run up against the FDA, who eventually get involved in reviewing any product that makes medical claims. Without having spent $ millions on studies that can provide proof of their claims, Salt Lamp companies are freely dispensing stories about the healing power of Salt Lamps.

Just yesterday I received a notification of a class action suit against Sharper Image for claims they made about their now famous Ionic Breeze machines. Though Sharper Image appears to deny it, the case against them was brought by people who relied on the company's claims and had adverse effects when using the product. The suit claims that the Ionic Breeze emits harmful Ozones.

We also receive letters (testimonials) from customers who have had positive experience from their Salt Lamps and we are pleased that they have derived a benefit. But we hold true to our main belief: Salt Lamps are beautiful and as every Salt Lamp is, by Nature, unique, they make a special addition to anyone's home or office.

Let me know what you think!

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